How to beat the system: Understand evolution

Beyond Survival of the Fattest - Cover

Jose T Manic, Available September 2016

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Changing the economic system is not as difficult as those steeped in the current one claim – particularly if we can learn to separate the opposing forces that are crushing us. There is an alternative put forward in this book based on the need of our society to take control of the processes of evolution in our economics.

People tolerate the current capitalism with the idea (to quote Winston Churchill) that it is the worst system, apart from all the rest. But that depends on the alternatives. This book shows that we now have new opportunities to invent alternative systems. As Michael Moore put it, capitalism is an 18th century idea and communism a 19th century idea – we could use some new ideas!

“Beyond Survival” explains how, like nature, our economic system is constantly evolving. The breakthrough comes because evolutionary science now explains much of what has gone wrong. The conclusion is that we need a radical split between the economies of firms and folks in order to evolve in a healthy way. Until then, and without such new designs, we will be mired in a stagnating economic system of amassing fat and waste. Mastering the evolutionary process could lead to a progressive, just and equal society, as the same light that reveals the evolutionary cause of our problems could illuminate any number of exits.

– Jose Manic

Beyond Survival of the Fattest – the economics of smart little helpers over clunking great takers
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