Our Mission

The theories of evolutionary and symbiotic economics and the Portunism argued for by Jose Manic in Beyond Survival of the Fattest represent one argument and thread of debate for this group. The group’s mission is to develop an alternative economics system by promoting thought, discussion and analysis on the broad area of better economics and its implementation. However, there are certain principles that those contributing should adhere to:

  1. We reject the argument that there are few or no alternatives to our current capitalism or that it is unwise to change it.
  2. We accuse Neoliberalism of being a philosophy that persists because of self-interest, misinformation and ignorance.
  3. We are determined to find and promote the potential alternatives to our current form of capitalism.
  4. We desire economic systems around the world that function efficiently and productively for people.
  5. We believe in and will argue and push for systems that are just, equal, green and viable.
  6. We believe that the diversity, competition and emulation in evolution form a powerful force in economics that can be valuable to our societies.
  7. We are a peace-loving, diverse, challenging and cohesive group that is interested in all views consistent with the above and is intolerant of abuse, aggression or hostility of any kind.

If you post comments that are in accordance with the above they will almost certainly be posted. We are open to all views and desire all theories and arguments to be tested by rigorous debate and reasoning.


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